MAYOR                                        262/636-9111

City Administrator                   262/619-2540

  1st Ward                                             262/637-0531

 2nd Ward                                    262/634-2971

 3rd Ward                                          414/378-7710

 4th Ward                                    262/633-9466

 5thWard                                 262/681-0593

 6th Ward                                 262/638-9501

 7th Ward                           262/637-6089

 8th Ward                                    262/637-5421

 9th Ward                                262/770-7390

10th Ward                                   262/989-9082

11th Ward                                       262/456-6585

12th Ward                                    305/989-6147

13th Ward                        262/617-4982

14th Ward                               262/488-4694

15th Ward                               262/994-8943 


Use the diagram below to locate your Ward (electoral district).

Click the map for more information about your city officials.

If you enjoy performances by The Racine Concert Band, please contact your alderman and/or the mayor's office to let them know. 

The band's city subsidy is approved by the City Council annually. Public support is critical to maintain funding and is appreciated.

"The Official Band of Racine, Wisconsin since 1923"
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