Racine Concert Band

The Racine Concert Band has  been acknowledged on a national level by The John Philip Sousa Foundation  and The Association of Concert Bands. In 1995, the Racine Concert Band was the nation's TENTH organization to be awarded the Sousa Foundation "Sudler Silver Scroll".  The purpose of the award is to:


Years As Conductor

In its long history, the band has enjoyed admirable stability

-- having employed only  five  conductors/administrators.

To reflect its changing character, the band was renamed in 1967 as the  Racine Municipal Band.
In 1996, the name was changed again to the 
Racine Concert Band.

In 2007, the band was privatized, and the city council voted to continue to provide limited financial support and office space for the band, while freeing itself from insurance, liability, cartage, and payroll responsibilities.


Delbert Eisch

  1974 - 2001

The antecedents of the band date to 1877, when Adolphe Schulte became leader of the

"Hendrie and Smith Quadrille and Reed Band."

In 1882, the band was renamed the "Schulte Band." Henry Schulte, one of Adolphe's brothers, became the conductor after Adolphe moved away. Henry successfully lobbied the Racine City Council to fund band concerts, and the Racine Park Board Band  came into existence in 1923.

John Opferkuch 

1943 - 1973

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The Association of Concert Bands has recognized the high artistic standards of the band, by inviting the band to perform at national conventions in St. Louis, Detroit, and Chicago.  The band has been fortunate to play under nationally recognized conductors and featured soloists, many of whom has expressed lavish praise.

"The Official Band of Racine, Wisconsin since 1923"
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Henry Schulte 

1923 - 1932

"Identify, recognize, and honor those bands that have demonstrated particularly high standards of excellence in concert activities, over a period of several years, and which have played a significant role in the cultural environment of their community".

Mark Eichner

  2002 - Present

Racine Concert Band YouTube Channel

Fred Schulte  

1933 - 1942